New National Insurance's Trusted Partner: Durban's Foremost Panel Beater

New National Motor Body Repairer Approval Award

In the intricate dance of metal, paint, and precision that is auto body repair, Big Five Panel n Paint has consistently led the way in Durban. Our dedication to craft and customer satisfaction is evident in our work, and it's this commitment that has earned us the trust and partnership of New National Insurance. Being hailed as their trusted partner is not just an accolade; it's a testament to our position as Durban's foremost panel beater.

So, why is Big Five Panel n Paint the preferred choice for New National Insurance and countless vehicle owners in Durban?

Diverse Expertise: Our skill set isn't just confined to a few aspects of auto body repair. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to every possible vehicular need:

Panel Beating: Leveraging a harmonious blend of time-tested craftsmanship and modern technology, our seasoned technicians ensure that vehicles are meticulously reshaped and mended, bringing them back to their original splendor.

Spray Painting: A vehicle's visual appeal is often tied to its finish. With our state-of-the-art spray booths and seasoned painters, we deliver a paint job that not only matches the original but also rejuvenates the vehicle's overall look.

Towing: In the event of mishaps or breakdowns, we're just a call away. Our prompt towing services ensure your vehicle is safely transported to our facility, eliminating any added complications for you.

Rust Repairs: Durban's coastal ambiance, though refreshing, can be challenging for vehicles. Our rust repair experts address this, ensuring your vehicle remains rust-free and gleaming.

Bumper Repairs: Bumpers, often bearing the brunt of minor mishaps, require a delicate touch. Our team specializes in restoring them to their prime, ensuring a blend of aesthetics and safety.

Beyond the trust placed in us by New National Insurance, our 25 OEM Factory approvals from South Africa's premier vehicle brands stand as proof of our dedication to quality. These endorsements signify that we don't just fix; we restore vehicles in line with the exacting standards of auto manufacturers. Choosing Big Five Panel n Paint ensures your vehicle's authenticity, performance, and value are preserved.

We've always placed our customers at the heart of our operations. Every vehicle, every repair, and every interaction is approached with unparalleled dedication. We pride ourselves on maintaining transparent communication, ensuring you're informed and comfortable at every stage of the repair process. Our commitment to continuous learning ensures our technicians are abreast of the latest in auto repair, offering your vehicle the pinnacle of care.

Centrally located in Durban, Big Five Panel n Paint is an epitome of accessibility and efficiency. Our cutting-edge facility, fortified with the latest equipment, is primed to handle a vast array of repair needs, delivering unmatched service with swift turnaround times.

In essence, if you're seeking an auto body repairer that combines industry recognitions, a gamut of specialized services, and a commitment to excellence, Big Five Panel n Paint is your answer. As New National Insurance's trusted partner, we stand ready to redefine auto repair standards in Durban.

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Trusted by the Top Insurance Companies in South Africa

Securing a vehicle is a significant investment. That's why South Africa's leading insurance companies place their trust in Big Five Panel n Paint to handle their clients' vehicles with utmost care, precision, and excellence.

Having earned the stamp of approval from top insurers in the country, our clients can rest easy knowing that the repair of their prized possession will meet – and often exceed – industry standards, ensuring the vehicle's safety, aesthetics, and value are restored.

Prestigious Approvals from South Africa's Premier Insurance Providers:

  • Compendium Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Bidvest Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Lombard Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Santam Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Bryte Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • New National Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Discovery Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • MiWay Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Hollard Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • One|Sure Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Momentum Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Renasa Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • Old Mutual (OMI) Approved Motor Body Repairer
  • King Price Approved Motor Body Repairer

Choosing Big Five Panel n Paint means entrusting your vehicle to a team that's not only backed by our rich legacy of craftsmanship but also recognized by the very best in the insurance industry.

Experience the unparalleled distinction of Big Five Panel n Paint today.

Factory Approvals From Renowned Vehicle Brands

Earning the endorsement of a vehicle brand isn't a simple nod of approval. It's an acknowledgment of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of repair quality, using genuine parts, and understanding the intricacies of each vehicle that rolls into our workshop. Our team is ecstatic to be factory-approved by an impressive roster of 25 vehicle brands. This not only serves as a testament to our proficiency but also ensures our clients that their vehicles are in the most capable and knowledgeable hands in the industry.

Our 25 Factory Approvals

Our Factory Approvals
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