Benefits Of Selling Your Car Repaired vs In Its Current State

This is a question on a lot of car owner’s minds in the midst of a car selling process. It can have different outcomes depending on what your preferred way forward is. If you are in the process of selling your car and you are rushed for time, repairs might not always be the option […]

Why should I change my vehicles’ oil filter and how?

Oil filters are used to clean oil in the filter which in return cleans the important elements of the vehicle’s engine and ensures that all unsolicited particles are kept separate from the actual engine to boost efficient and smooth running of the cars’ engine. These oil filters are a crucial part of the maintenance that […]

How to avoid Insurance hiccups when claiming damages on your vehicle

Insurance is an extremely important and possibly the most crucial part of owning a vehicle. There are various benefits when it comes to car insurance, some of which include, saving money and time because they can cover you for damaged vehicle parts and most insurance companies also deal with the panel beaters directly making your […]

Durban: Importance of using a panel beater that provides additional benefits

It is without a doubt extremely important to use a high-quality skilled panel beater to repair your vehicle. Panel beaters are usually qualified and accredited institutions that are skilled and equipped to repair your vehicle and certain parts of your vehicle when you require their services. Panel beaters usually provide services such as repairing any […]

Durban: Importance of using the right panel beater for your Renault

If you have a Renault vehicle, selecting the proper panel beater is crucial when it comes to repairing your car. If you or your partner owns a Renault car, you must make sure that the panel beaters who are fixing it are authorized by Renault as a listed automotive service repair company. Taking your car […]

Durban: Panel beating when it comes to my Kia

There is great importance when it comes to taking your car to the right panel beater. If you are the owner of a Kia vehicle you need to ensure that the panel beaters repairing your vehicle is approved by Kia as a listed automotive service repair provider. Kia parts are specifically designed to be compatible […]

Durban: Where to find a Mechanic?

Cars are valuable items, and most individuals want to get the best services for their car(s) to ensure it is maintained and cared for as it should be. There are numerous types of cars around the world, and they all come in different brands and designs. These brands include anything from Ford, Toyota, Renault, Opel, […]

Mechanical Problem with my Ford; Durban

Mechanical problems in a vehicle can lead to an accident, therefore, it is extremely important to fix mechanical issues in your car. The truth is, not every person is a mechanical expert or specialist, and most individuals need assistance from a trusted panel beating company. The most important part of fixing mechanical problems in a […]

Enhance your car safety this year; Smash and Grab

Hijacking in South Africa is nothing new, and over the last few years the hijackings have increased even more because of the continues and growing poverty in the country. The truth is that even when you drive in your car, sometimes you might not be safe. The most hijackings occur at stop streets or traffic […]

Durban: How to change up my car without replacing it this year?

There is a general stigma usually connected to buying vehicles and it usually refers to once choosing a colour for the car that you will not show filth easily or choosing a colour that you will not get bored of within at least the first 5 years of having the car. This stigma can be […]